A range of low energy pumps, designed for difficult environments which offer a new approach to solving your leachate pumping challenges.
Whatever the application, LORENTZ Energy Solutions and Leachate Pumps Australia can offer you some clear benefits.

What is Leachate?

The term Leachate commonly refers to the liquid that drains or leaches through landfill. Leachate must be extracted from the containment system for appropriate storage, treatment and disposal. The method of extraction is very often via a submersible pumping system.

Who is Lorentz?

Founded in Germany in 1993 LORENTZ has pioneered, innovated and excelled in the engineering and manufacturing of solar powered water pumping systems. They design, develop and manufacture the widest range of solar pumps of any company. Mechanical, electronic and software design is all in-house with a specialized team that have been working in solar pumping for 20 years.

Lorentz Leachate Pumps

Lorentz has over 10 years experience in oil pumping, gas well dewatering and leachate pumping. The Leachate pumping system is based on their market leading standard solar pumping technology with engineering upgrades to more than accommodate the extreme operating conditions required of this application.

Lorentz proven efficiency and reliability.

Our high efficiency, intelligent pump systems bring a new but proven approach to the market. Our pumps remove many of the service challenges of traditional air pumps reducing your operating costs.

The high efficiency system gives you power choices, allowing you to run from grid or solar power, allowing you to keep within compliance levels without the need for additional infrastructure.

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